Floods in Queensland and Victoria

For the past few weeks we have been witnessing the most devastating floods in Australian history. The areas most affected are in Queensland and more recently in Victoria. The newspapers have been running special reports each day for the past 3 weeks and the TV news and current affairs programs have been recording various flood stories.

This clip gives you one image of the floods.

With over 20 dead in Queensland and still some missing 2 weeks later its been an horrendous time. We are now counting the cost as people start to clean up – and the bill for damage to an area bigger than Germany and France put together is to say the least in the billions [e.g. roads, bridges, railways, infrastructure like schools, post offices and police stations]. We can expect food prices to increase as the areas affected grew 1/3 of our fresh food in Australia.   

People are counting the personal costs as insurnace [if covered by a flood event as defined in the policy and there are different definitions] never covers you for all the costs and thats tens of millions as well. 

When we get back to school I’m sure the students, teachers and parents will donate towards the appeal as they did for the bush fires last year.

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