Hasta la Vista!

I couldn’t help the image but I thought of those immortal words when he – yes Arnie –  said “Hasta la Vista” which means of course “I’ll be back”.

I’ve been busy completing a Masters Course this year – and wait for it  – have just completed and submitted [online of course] my final assigment – a 7000 word article on my research topic of Instructional Rounds. A quick check followed on the Monash course blog – added a few reflections and my support to a paaarty!

Barring a resubmit – shock and horror – I’m free for the first time in a few months to go out and play golf, complete the novel New York which I started reading a few months ago now and simply relax.

I’m even looking forward to ticking off a growing list of to do items at work.

The point of rambling is to say to my friends and colleagues here and overseas that I’m also back on my blog – to share and enjoy being enlightened and have a laugh with you as I read your entries over the past few months.

I’ve been contacted by the university to support their marketing program – as hopefully a graduate. I know I’ve completed a few post graduate courses at different universities before [Melbourne, RMIT, Swinburne] a few years ago now but the rigour of this course  was substantial. Thanks of course go to my long suffering family who must be sick of me say Shhhhhhh ! at the slightest noise.

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  1. NinaD says:

    Congratulations Mark,
    I can’t imagine this workload on top of your already huge workload as a principal. It will be nice to see you back in the ‘ning’as well. We’ve missed your comments and support. Also, the lastest post is well worth a look.
    Cheers Nina

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