Filling up the Energy Tank over Summer Holidays


This picture was taken on one of my long walks near Point Leo in low tide. Point Leo is an ocean beach in Western Port, Victoria. Each year we teachers seem to cross the line at the end of the school year happy with our work to support and encourage students learning but oh so tired for the effort and so it was with me at the end of 2007. After weeks now listening to the waves crash on the shore line I remember what it’s like to sleep 8 hrs at night and read fictional and historical novels once again. I’m currently enjoying two books Ken Follett’s “The Pillars of the Earth” and now Bryce Courtenay’s latest “The Persimmon Tree”.

After long walks or runs along the beach I am now ready once again to don the ipod and listen to a podcast from Andy Hargraves. I enjoyed dozing in the sun the other day and began to ponder my time supporting teachers in classrooms in 2008. I feel the energy tank rising once again. It’s important to indulge ourselves in a dream or two and with another week to go I’m starting to write about my dreams and aspirations for the coming year.

Anyway its back to beach tomorrow to listen to a few more waves, take those long walks, finish that book, complete that dream and fill the tank ready for another year. My hope is that we have all taken this time to recharge the batteries ready for another special year shaping the lives of children we will work with in 2008.       

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3 Responses to Filling up the Energy Tank over Summer Holidays

  1. John says:

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  2. mwalker says:

    Dear Fiona

    I checked on my son’s Wii for weather your way a few days ago and it read 0 – 4 degrees which is different from the 30 dgrees here today as we surfed the waves. However all good things come to pass and it’s back to school tomorrow for an induction of new teachers and a leadership meeting afterwards. Yes 1,000’s of miles apart yet similar aims for oue students – I’ve been emailing Tis Don Tis Good and am planning a professional trip within the next 18 months and your country is on the plan.

    It always a “funny feeling” starting a new school year and this year, my 6th at my current school is no exception. I have site meetings for the new buildings on Friday before children start on next Wednesday. Thanks for your response and I too look forward to the link. Will be in touch.

  3. Fiona MacPhail says:

    Hi Mark

    At last I’ve got round to looking at your learning log and it’s really interesting. I’ve enjoyed reading it and what comes across is that although we are on opposite sides of the world we have the same hopes and aspirations for our pupils and also face many similar challenges (is it easier in all that sunshine though?!).

    I hope you enjoy what remains of your holiday, fuuly recharge those batteries and I look forward to setting up a link between our 2 schools in the months ahead.

    Keep ‘blogging’!

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