Songs can hold our memories!

Certain songs or voices can bring many memories flooding back to us.

It’s 1970 and the happy and even melancholic memories flood back to me when I hear Simon and Garfunkel sing their classics. Its been over 45 years since they split over “professional differences about a film” so their songs now have a haunting feel about them.

Their classic album “Bridge over troubled water” was an early record in my collection for it seemed to sum up some troubled times in the world back then (the assignations of JFK and Martin Luther King and the Vietnam war come straight to mind).

Personally I was turning 17 at the time and about to start my Matriculation having just left the Christian Brothers training college in Bundoora. I turned 18, Gough Whitlam got voted in and abolished conscripting young men into the army and Vietnam. I went off to university and lived off campus with some mates and we would often sing some of Paul Simon’s lyrics late at night when the mood was low.

Have a listen and see what memories come to your mind (if you’re of a similar age). If not what songs bring back your memories?


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