Prep Transition Programs

Most people accept that its important for children and their parents to have a well informed and smooth start to the school year and that this is best achieved through a multi session transition program.This week the prep team completed the final session on the transition program for 2009 enrolments which included a series of presentations from various members of the school community, including myself.

Topics for the sessions including: starting schools – what to look out for, school council and its role for parents, how to enrol in the out of school hours program, upcoming parent association events and my presentation on the bigger picture directions and challenges for the school.

The first three sessions had children attending classrooms with teachers learning about the school values, and the names of other children whilst the parents ordered booklists, school uniforms and started to network with other parents.

My presentation has 3 central themes:

  • our work on building facilities that match the learning needs of 21st century learners
  • using information and communication technology to enhance learning
  • learning to become global citizens

I’ve posted this clip I used to stimulate some thinking around global citizenship and the use of technology. There is an Australian version on You Tube I have posted earlier.

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