Student feedback to teachers – just ask them we did!


We were working with Kath Murdoch this afternoon on using our student feedback to adjust the 2015 curriculum plans.

Our students provided the followed recommendations to teachers which I thought were worth sharing:

  • less teacher talk: which we are thinking about making this a class challenge: How can we give you the student more opportunities to just get on with it AND make sure you have the instructions you need? (Personal note that this is a universal challenge for teachers)
  • More hands on: they just crave opportunities to make and create.
  • Clarify what “progress” means: students don’t seem to understand the role of activating prior knowledge and that learning is evidenced by growth from that base line (this may mean we have to also vary the way we collect this prior knowledge)
  • Continue the learning assets (e.g. self managers): students understand and can articulate these as they give a framework they use to improve and set goals – maybe include these in the letters students write to their new 2015 teachers.
  • Maintain the excursions as they love them for the powerful information and shared experience they provide.
  • Keep connecting to the community: they enjoy learning from experts in the community and perhaps build a list of them they can use during their i-time.
  • Get into it at the start of the school year: don’t spend too much time revising stuff and get into the new topic quickly.
  • i-time is a huge success: they love to have time to find out things on their passions and interests.

Not bad feedback for teachers. Worth asking your students?

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