Teachers Overseas: professional learning opportunities that also serve as an acknowledgement of effort.

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I couldn’t help post these 3 images taken in New Mexico last week. The first is a group of teachers and principals from two neighbouring schools Elsternwick and Elwood Primary Schools who share a common belief that relationships build the social capital for schools and their communities to improve young people’s success and life chances. I think they call this networking – ha ha.

From Elsternwick there was Demos who is one of our Assistant Principals and two very committed teachers Lisa and Nicola. This picture was taken at night so I apologise as it fuzzy but it seems to me that they were proud to be educators. Teacher pride in our achievements is not something we acknowledge too much in Australia – much to our loss.

Judging from the last picture of their reflections about the relational learning model they certainly made a number of connections between schools and communities which we looking forward to hearing about soon. The middle picture is something I have previously referred to – the 30% effect of schools on young people’s life chances.

I have followed the New Mexico journey on a Facebook page they set up and it proved to be the perfect tool to share their stuff on.

As Principal I’m honoured to have contributed to their professional experience and proud of their commitment to our young people.

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