Leadership Footprints


I’m on holidays in Queensland this week for a break before the final term which is usually jammed packed full of tasks. Next week Sarah, the assistant principal, and I are presenting a research paper on our instructional leadership work of walkthroughs and using protocols to look at student work at the 2008 ACEL international conference in Melbourne. I’m sure I will have some posts on the conference next week as there are some fantastic speakers.

Anyway I have been doing lots of walking along the beach and on one walk I got to musing over the image of leadership being like footprints in the sand. The footprints can be shallow or deep depending upon the firmness of the sand – however both are eventually washed away be the incoming waves. I’m wondering if our leadership footprints are a bit like those in the sand with deeper impressions on those who are more receptive to our work but no matter what we must persist and walk a lot otherwise it will be washed away.

I prefer to walk with other people [in this case my family] so that we make a difference while we can for at some time a wave will come along and wash them away and perhaps new and different footprints will need to be made.  I think I’ll get back to the beach – enough thinking about school for the moment but I’m interested in other people’s images of leadership. 

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