Ipods and podcasts the tools of leadership

I was walking laps around one of my local parks this morning at 6.30 am listening to a podcast of Peter Senge talking about the relationship between business and school and it struck me how the tools of leadership have changed. No longer is the ipod the sole domain of our youth who “consume” downloaded copies of songs and listen to them while we drive them to various sporting or social locations. Now you can put your contacts and even your calendar on your ipod.

I heard Peter talk about Dennings belief that business is anchored or lacking in innovation by individuals who are brought up to follow or even wait for someone’s [usually the teacher] advice or instructions. That schools were constructed to follow the assembly line [grade 1 and then grade 2 etc…] model rather then engage in deep learning that takes account of their needs and interests and does not follow age graded expectataions. That deep learning is bound not only in context but in the intrinsic motivation to know and understand.

I cannot wait now till tomorrow morning when I hear the second half of the podcast I downloaded over the weekend. My reflection is that my morning walks will never be the same as I hear some great and challenging thoughts. I wonder if there are other podcasts of world class speakers I can download and listen to on my walks? If I find any I will share them on this site. 

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