Kath says students acquire assets through inquiry focused instruction

Last week Kath Murdoch continued her work with us here at Elsternwick with a session on the “assets” students learn through inquiry focused instruction.

From the outset let me be clear that I’m not saying students cannot acquire these dispositions through other instructional frameworks what I will say is that by being explicit in inquiry focused instruction there is a greater chance of success.

When we asked our students to brainstorm the word “asset” they were quick to list words like superannuation, tax, stock market and cars (yes even in primary school). So they see the word asset as something financial and worth having therefore its term is useful for applying to learning dispositions.

Kath listed 5 –

We are

  • researchers
  • self managers
  • collaborators
  • thinkers
  • communicators

You are see from a few of the classroom artifacts in the pictures that teachers have started to apply this work to the sub set of skills, dispositions and attitudes we explicitly want students to learn through their inquiries.

I thought this a useful framework to share.

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