changing paradigm for universities

Having just completed a course at University I have some experience in the way universities use technology for learning. Most of my notes were online, the bulk of the articles I used in my research came from online journals where it was easy to search, download the article and reference into End Note a piece of software that helps in writing. I attended online lectures from various places around Australia and some of my colleagues attended from overseas locations. We submitted our work on line, communicated via a group blog and looked at each others work on student wiki’s . Our edited and assessed work and grades were online and we used texts messages to communicate with each other.

This clip poses some questions about the quality of knowledge that we use citing wikipedia as an example, the value of filing systems as opposed to multiple links and the place of universities.  Its does rap up Google some of which I think is deserved. I do think some of the universities have changed substantially but the questions are valid to pose.

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