Is there an execution gap between our goals and actions?

I’ve been reflecting lately on our strategic plan which lists a number of worthwhile actions and improvement goals.

I know the goals as the principal as I interact with the plan on a regular basis but I wonder if  they are remembered by everyone at school? The goals are not displayed in our work and I’m beginning to wonder if there is as Covey calls it as execution gap.

We have been asking teams to develop their own vision statements based on overall school vision and set goals and norms for their work. Its been 6 months into a 4 year plan and timely for a quick review this week with year level and project team leaders.

I’m going to show the clip which is quite apt with the world cup in progress as an intro to the session and get some feedback. I’ll add some reflections on this work soon.

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2 Responses to Is there an execution gap between our goals and actions?

  1. nina davis says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for writing this blog. I’m learning a lot about leadership here and about the ‘big picture’of being a school leader / principal, the decisions, the passion, the thinking, the reflecting and the experience you bring to the work you do is obvious.
    I’m not sure if that’s your intention, but it’s certainly what I’m taking in. I’m reflecting here myself and have revisited my own school’s goals. Maybe, the school goals need to be visible and not just in a document. Something to think about!
    Cheers Nina

    • mwalker says:

      Thanks Nina,
      Sharing one’s work and reflections is in part I feel a moral obligation to support both the people and the system in general.

      I’m humbly honoured that you see some value in my reflections and agree with your comment that maybe goals need to be displayed beyond our published documents. I’m working on this.

      Thanks again

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