Sport with your kids

Last weekend I went skiing with my kids [the first two in the picture] at Mt Buller. Skiing is one of those sports that you can do together and all weekend I kept on wanting to pinch myself saying “how good is this?” Whether is was schussing down a slope, riding a chairlift or having a hot drink at the bottom of a run – twas all great! Doing a sport together is not only great fun but provides incredible memories. I have played a few games of golf with Mitchell but most other sports I engage with my kids I am either a coach, a supporter or performing another type role: umpires escort in footy etc…  I’d be interested to hear what other sports parents do with their children?

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2 Responses to Sport with your kids

  1. Doug ledingham says:


    Was just thinking of the “walkers” so thought id pop onto your blog. how is everyone?

    In response to your question about what sports parents do with their children, think dad has tried and failed miserably at beeting me at everything!


  2. torii says:

    thats meee!!!!!! doing the pose at the front!!!

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