What do you remember of the first 100 days of your school experience?

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This week I was invited to visit the foundation years classrooms where they celebrated the first 100 days of their schooling experience. Each child had to bring a collection of 100 things to share with the other students. They shared the last hour with their year 4 buddies.

I saw lots of different collections – everyone counting the different collections and the young ones were terrific in their 100 days party hats. A great idea from the foundation years teachers and one far different from my recollections of my first 100 days.

I think I was still in shock in my first 100 days at school as the nuns sat us down on hard seats for long periods reading the same “reader”. Oh by the way you had to read the words in the  “reader” correctly otherwise it was off the dunces corner or so we thought anyway. I’d be interested in your recollections?

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3 Responses to What do you remember of the first 100 days of your school experience?

  1. In Victoria, the bar is raised even higher in the education system through the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), which can be completed during the last two years (Year 11 and 12) of secondary school. It means that your child needs an extra time in learning the subject, Math subject for example. It means that a Maths tutor is needed. Read here for more details: http://bit.ly/1ziOyBc

    • mwalker says:

      While your post was really to establish the case for tutors in VCE and mine was about the first 100 days of schooling in prep (with a maths case example) I take the point that maths is much underrated in its need after schooling.

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