Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 3

Harvard Photo

We are now officially over half way through the course, and what a whole lot of learning has taken place. We feel that in a sense there has been growth on four different levels – personal, team, school and beyond EPS.

One of the activities we participated in was where we had to create a mental image in our head and then draw what we imagined, based on a description of a picture on a card by our partner. This gave us a connection to some of the work that we do with children during the year – creating mental images. Often this comprehension strategy is used in reading, but it was interesting to see it applied to another context. It also highlighted the importance that we were clear in our descriptions, and relating it to only what we saw in our pictures.

After our scheduled classes today, we had opportunity to go to an optional technology workshop. Here we met the lovely Kirsten, a Harvard Teaching Fellow, who taught us many “tricks of the trade” on making data clear and user-friendly, as well as how to make PowerPoint more interesting for recipients, and of course, a few other helpful hints!

Our building, as you can see below, is not quite in keeping with the traditional red-brick Harvard style. It’s a 70s concrete slab, not very appealing to the eye. However, it is our home base for this week, and the beautiful garden where we have spent our lunches taking a little break makes up for it.

Harvard Building

This is post 3 written in the series by three teachers Erin, Jess and Sarah and Penny the Assistant Principal who are all attending or part of the teaching team at the Harvard University Data Wise Institute.

Did You Know?: Wigglesworth Hall, where the Freshmen dormitories are located, is right above the Boston subway line. It is said that every time a train goes by, the building “wiggles”.


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