Feeling the beat!

Last Friday I was in a lift listening to the chanting of the latest hip hop song by a group of youths. One had just downloaded the song and was telling his friends that it a nerve … I think? Translate – I think it was a great song.

I was at Victoria University to present to colleagues some understandings I’ve gained as I continue to develop a model of walkthroughs that supports my work with teachers. When Richard Elmore said “If you can’t see it the classroom its not there” he made a profound impact on my leadership practice. I needed to see the public acts of instruction teachers do in classrooms. Walkthroughs are a strategy that enables me to focus my attention on instruction and provide feedback to teams that helps us all reflect on how to strengthen our skills. 

In my presentation I refer to the work of Sir Michael Barber when he said that its only through improved instruction that we improve outcomes. It’s exciting to hear teachers talk about wanting to see their colleagues “doing instruction in their classrooms”.  The sharing of our practice, the dialogue about what to try next, the reflection of that didn’t work to well  are the positive signs of improvement.  I have posted my presentation on the walkthrough page of the blog

PS I have heard that hip hop song again this morning as I drove my son to basketball – he has just become a trainee referee  – he choose the radio station of course.

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