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The pendulum conundrum of strategic planning.

Over the past 18 months we as a school having been reviewing our performance as a school through the student, teacher and parent lenses. There was lots to celebrate which we have. However human nature is a curious things for … Continue reading

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Provoking student interest in learning

I say again I’m in a fortunate role as principal to see some amazing products and processes of learning and I’m guilty of not sharing these as often as I should. So here goes: the first two photos show an … Continue reading

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The Power of Ummmmmm!

  This is a video of Kath Murdoch, an educator we have a long association with at EPS, taken in at a Ted X talk in Canada recently. Her presentation features young people from my school. I must say hearing … Continue reading

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Medical miracles

  I have met Tony a few times most recently at a dinner at my golf club where we spoke casually about a number of things but I must say I felt proud of him when he was featured on … Continue reading

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Shirley Clarke says tell students the truth if their work needs work.

  I’m re-reading Shirley Clarke’s book first published in 2008 on active learning and formative assessment. One of the points she makes in the book is the link between higher self-esteem and a growth mindset. We need to show enthusiasm … Continue reading

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A twist on parent teacher interviews

This week we completed our 2nd round of parent teacher interviews. They were held in August, which is just over half way through the academic school year. So what’s different you might ask? The students 1/2 year written reports were … Continue reading

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What do you remember of the first 100 days of your school experience?

  This week I was invited to visit the foundation years classrooms where they celebrated the first 100 days of their schooling experience. Each child had to bring a collection of 100 things to share with the other students. They … Continue reading

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A crash course in Chinese History.

As crash courses go and allowing for a few mistakes like the great wall was started by the Qin dynasty and the Ming dynasty, like the others, just expanded and fixed the Wall or that Chinese recorded history is 5000 not … Continue reading

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flipping classrooms?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “flipped classrooms” now for a while and the great thing about holidays is that it frees up time to do just that – think and in this case write, share and hopefully promote … Continue reading

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Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 4

Today all the 8 pieces of the Data Wise Improvement Process came together. We  collaborated with teachers from other Elementary schools on a case study about a school in Texas. We used real data, student work samples and videos of … Continue reading

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Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 3

We are now officially over half way through the course, and what a whole lot of learning has taken place. We feel that in a sense there has been growth on four different levels – personal, team, school and beyond … Continue reading

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Data Wise: Summer Institute Day 2

Today was a significant day for new learning, during which the ideas we had established in the morning session, had dramatically changed by lunch time. Following the morning session, in which the Principal of the BART Public Charter School, Ben Klompus, … Continue reading

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Eldership: Is this self conceit by a few or are we in education constantly losing this to retirement?

This post is a little introspective so I apologize in advance if the topic is not of interest. Last week was a little strange for me and it started with my regular Monday night viewing of the ABC’s show Q&A. … Continue reading

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‘The Arts’ an essential part of the curriculum.

I couldn’t resist posting this TV clip about my school. The clip was shown on a community TV station last week about an Art Reach Program that Elsternwick P.S., Monash University and National Gallery work together on. I think my … Continue reading

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hire people who believe what you believe

I was listening to this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek on inspiring leadership and one line he said was the title of this post “hire people who believe what you believe”. He talked about a connector between inspiring leaders being “they answer … Continue reading

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