Bo’ai Primary School our sister school

boai ps 1

A few months ago I visited our sister school Bo’ai Primary School, Changzhao in China. The school has 3 sites: a Year 1/2 school for about 1,500 students, an older site currently being demolished and rebuilt and a new site specially designed for music and sports.

These pictures are from the new site which now houses about 2,500 students till the other campus is rebuilt. Ultimately the school on 3 sites will house about 6,000 young people.

People from Western cultures sometimes have “out of date” views about China particularly when it comes to education and schools.  I hope these pictures start to tell a different story for these facilities were amazing. They don’t show the full size gymnastics stadium designed for olympic style competitions, the auditorium that seats 2,000 people, the arts facilities that include a choir room, smaller instrumental studios and I could go on.

boai ps 2


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