Filling up the Energy Tank over Summer Holidays

This picture was taken on one of my long walks near Point Leo in low tide. Point Leo is an ocean beach in Western Port, Victoria. Each year we teachers seem to cross the line at the end of the school year happy with our work to support and encourage students learning but oh… Read more“Filling up the Energy Tank over Summer Holidays”

Weight tests for new prep students

The Federal Government has just released a plan to weigh children before they start school to try and crack down on obesity. The Health Minister, Nicola Roxon was reported to have said that the  condition had become a national responsibility as one in four Australian children are already overweight or… Read more“Weight tests for new prep students”

A communication challenge – using the school newsletter!

One of the challenges leaders in school face is to explain, even market to parents why changes occur. I was faced with such a challenge recently as I published the 2008 school structures in the school newsletter. For four years we had implemented multi aged groupings for both educational and financial… Read more“A communication challenge – using the school newsletter!”

PISA Results out

Thanks to Don Ledingham blog I have been altered to the 2007 PISA results being published which are worth a look. In summary the results remained flat across most OECD countries. Australia showed some improvement in Science with a 7th ranking when compared to other countries. However youth generally were pessimistic about… Read more“PISA Results out”

Ipods and podcasts the tools of leadership

I was walking laps around one of my local parks this morning at 6.30 am listening to a podcast of Peter Senge talking about the relationship between business and school and it struck me how the tools of leadership have changed. No longer is the ipod the sole domain of our… Read more“Ipods and podcasts the tools of leadership”