Data Wise

During 2009 Penny Jayne and I began an investigation into what data process we could use to improve student learning. We looked at local Victorian data initiatives including one from Melbourne University which certainly collected a variety a data sources (preference for online data was noted) and looked to identify student knowledge gaps and zones of proximal development. These data processes generally meant one had to purchase a license or one off fee to use the relevant online tests to plot students development.
While these processes, on the evidence provided by the provider, seemed to work and improve student learning. Our query was to what effect did these processes account for teachers instruction.
This lead us to investigate Data Wise, a Harvard University process to this point mainly used in the States.  We read the Data Wise Process book which left us with many queries. With those inquiries in mind we sought some grants that enabled us to travel over the US and attend the Data Wise course at Harvard in 2010.
In 2012 we attened a Data Wise Impact workshop we we gave a presentation on the first two “prepare” stages of the data wise process. The presentation is featured below:
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